29 marzo 2016
“Don't alarm yourself for nothing... the worse the symptom the easier it is to get a bull's eye, because the trail is stronger, more evident”.  
“You climbed mountains, forded streams, crossed oceans and prayed in mosques, temples and churches - followed gurus and teachers, studied in schools and universities, created businesses and enterprises, and stumbled, stood up and walked again until you came to realise that all that which you believe you have experienced in...
28 agosto 2015
28 agosto 2015
“The more you allow fearlessness to emerge in your own being, the more accessible you become to both knowledge and power.”. Tecnique: oil on canvas size: 150 x 150 cm
“The masterpiece of your very dreaming is....You. The outer world is only a faded shadow of your inner creativity, a very pale manifestation of your uniqueness.” Tecnique: oil on canvas size: 300 x 150 cm
28 agosto 2015
23 agosto 2015
Oil on canvas - 100 x 100 cm Time is a servant of the "Here and Now". You can become only what you are right now. Success is right here. Happiness is right here. Be Now what you want to become. Elio D'Anna, from "The Technology of the Dreamer"
Past and future, memories and plannings, history and prophecy, evolution and regression, war and peace, birth and death are all imaginary creatures. The only thing that really counts is Now. This Instant is the only time existing. Seize the chance! Elio D'Anna, from "The Technology of the Dreamer"
7 agosto 2015
6 agosto 2015
  “You are a self-transcending god. Don’ t stop dreaming! Go beyond! Only you can do it. No one can do it for you. Abandon the false description of yourself as limited and mortal, and enter into the omnipotent state of a birthless, deathless, ever-transcending being.” Elio D'Anna, from "The Technology of the...
Can you look at yourself without the eyes of time? Can you look at yourself without the image or mask you have imposed upon yourself? Can you look at yourself without the interference of any conditioning entity? If you try to find out, you will discover that it is possible, that you can 'see' without the eyes of time, that...
2 agosto 2015
2 agosto 2015
Victory is a state of being, an act of inner creativity that can be neither reaped nor sown in the world of events. Elio D'Anna, from "The Shool for Gods"
With the Dreamer you enter into an uncharted territory. Here you don't have any road maps. You have nothing from the past to guide and direct you. You will have no images of the future when venturing into the unknown. You have to be fluid and impeccable, able to shift...
19 luglio 2015
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